American Presidential Campaigns

Introduction: Throughout U.S. history, images have played a key role in politics and public opinion. Images shape perception of public figures, often altering people’s approval of their leaders as well as influencing public opinion about legislation and foreign affairs. Images have always had a significant impact on political campaigns. Posters, cartoons, buttons, photographs, and other... Continue Reading →

Poster Art of World War I & Prohibition

Introduction: This examination of posters analyzes the representation of women and children in propaganda from World War I and Prohibition.  We found common and recurring themes in propaganda during both World War I and the Prohibition period, including an emotional appeal brought forth by the spousal and familial structures.  In addition, we see a sense... Continue Reading →

Advertising and Gender Roles, 1957-1977

Introduction: With the advent of advertising as a commercial industry in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, consumer was a gendered word  and that gender was female. White men working in advertising agencies were aware that 80 percent or more of consumer purchases were made by  women and they framed ads in a way... Continue Reading →

Race & Gender in Comic Books

Introduction: The transition between the Golden Age and the Silver Age of Comics is marked by intense scrutiny of the comic world. In the Golden Age, the 1940s was the starting point of comics such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, and many more classic comics. The Golden Age was a time where comics thrived... Continue Reading →

Rock Music Album Artwork

Introduction: When an artist chooses art to accompany their album, otherwise known as “album artwork,” it is their way of pairing a visual with their sound.  Alex Steinwess originally conceived the idea in 1983, convincing Columbia Records executives to allow him to design covers in the hope of boosting sales. The art began as a tool to... Continue Reading →

Patriotism & American Children’s Literature

Introduction: Among the various historical resources available, children's literature and the illustrations that accompany it are often overlooked. By studying these illustrations, we can determine which lessons and values American culture deems important enough to teach its children. Patriotism, for example, is one of the most frequently recurring themes in illustrations in American children's literature.... Continue Reading →

Media & The Cuban Missile Crisis

Introduction: Pictures not only have a large influence in how wars are perceived, but there are times when they even start or end wars.  The Syrian civil war went almost unspoken about since its start in 2011. It wasn’t until a picture captured a young boy who washed up on a Turkish beach in 2015... Continue Reading →

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